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    motorwings gameplay

    Game Concept and All Concept Art by G. A. "Moach" Falanghe.




    • MotorWings is a Work-in-Progress, Early Access Project

       That means, we're constantly working on it and will continue to add features even as you play.

    Of course, this also means the game is not at all finished at present, and most of what you see in it is a placeholder element or a minimalistic first (sometimes buggy) iteration of any given feature.

       We count on a player's patience as we go along, and welcome your input and suggestions to make us all a better game with each new update!

    • The game is available free, for now.

       You can download and play our very early first builds for free. The only "price" is that we ask you to please tell the world about MotorWings as spread the word as far and wide as you can manage.

      This won't be the case forever though. As the project grows, our small team needs to be able to grow too, so that we can have all that's needed to keep up with it and continue to deliver. 

       A Pre-Order option will soon be available, and this will probably be the best deal anyone can get on the game, because once you buy it, the game is yours forever and updates will keep on coming.


       Soon the game will enter it's commercial phase. By then, the "last" free version will stay forever free, of course. It will remain available as the game's playable demo, and should probably get updates too at times, but our efforts will naturally focus on adding more features to the full version.

      These new features will be free for players who have pre-ordered or purchase the game at any time.

    • We're not ever truly "done"

      As each new update brings new features, we get closer and closer to "Feature Cycle Completion".

    You can see what comprises a Feature Cycle in the Features Gallery page. There, you'll also find notes and remarks about the present developmental state of each feature, and what we want it to be like by the time we can close up the cycle.

      A new Feature Cycle then begins, and the early-access release process starts over.  This will be similar in nature to the well known "Expansion Pack" and will bring in things that widen the scope of our game much further than the initial concept.   These future releases will be sold separately, but it will probably be a few years until we get to that stage anyways.

    • There will never, ever, be Pay-to-Win type In-App Purchases in our game.

       MotorWings is a C.A.N.C.E.R.-Free game. That is: "Commercially Abusive Novelty Coin Exchange Routines" are something we shall always strive to avoid.  As life-long gamers, we can't help but to feel strongly about this.

       So we of BoolDog Games pledge ourselves to always treat our players with full respect. We believe that "Freemium" games put developers in a position of playing against their own customers. Instead, we wish to have players on the same side we're on, taking part in ongoing development with suggestions and much appreciated user feedback.

      While the full game is meant to have 'money' as a career gameplay element, we promise that this will not in any case be something subject to exchange for real currency. We make a point to ensure that our game design will never suffer from cash-grab setups like those infamously known for spoiling various modern day titles. 

       Note that we do not consider Expansion Packs and DLCs in the same category as Pay-to-Win purchases.

    Not as long as they add real features to the game and thus constitute true value products. It is the sale of infinitely expendable "Currency Packs" which we vow to eschew, for those we find most unfair practices.

       Thus, with full understanding that "freemium isn't free", all features in MotorWings are designed with the uncompromising ultimate goal of being as much fun as possible and make for the best game we can offer.  

    • You'll always know what we're up to.

       Communication is key. And we stand by this so much that we're willing to go further than anyone ever before, granting full access to our internal development channel as a live feed.  That means every thought that comes to mind as we develop will appear in our Live DevLog page, giving you an unprecedented level of clarity and sometimes brutal honesty about everything that happens as we make your game.

       We see no reason to hide anything from players. And by not doing so, we hope to foster a closely bound community of users that are as much part of our day as anyone could ever be without being invited to physically come over and watch us work.  

    BOOLDOG Games

    G. A. "Will" Falanghe, aka: "Moach" (Lead Developer)
    Daniel Roberts, aka Emissary1138 (Associate Producer, Character Art)

    Contact by Email:   Booldog.Moach@gmail.com

    • Investment Opportunity!

    BoolDog Games is a very young enterprise, seeking to establish itself as a viable business centered on development of games such as MotorWings. As any startup venture would at this point, we need your help.

    We are presently open to any offers which may empower us into carrying on our dream project with the dedication we feel it deserves.  Please contact the email above to discuss participation in our ongoing endeavors.

    A business pitch deck presentation is available for download as either .pptx or .pdf.  It was drawn up in the months before development began. And while our plans have not changed since then, we remain fully flexible about shares and values offered. Presentation links are available below:


    Download SlideShow .PPTX

    Download Document .PDF

    We hope to soon welcome you aboard our team.