Download and Fly!

Let's get you ready for takeoff! 

First step is to Download and install the game.  This is a very early playable preview build, so bear with me and keep in mind that all you see is basically placeholder right now.

To Install, Just unzip the contents of the file above into any folder you like, then go inside, and open up MotorWings.exe

There you go! Since this is a very very early preview build, the main menu allows only "Sandbox Mode" gameplay. In this mode you can go ahead making your own plane or hit "Load" and choose one of the models included. When you're ready, (ensure that your plane has a pilot, or it won't go) hit "Fly" and it'll take your airplane to the runway so you can try it out.

How to build things and attempt to fly them:

Hangar Controls:

  • Orbit Camera 

  • Slide Camera 

  • Move Camera In/Out

  • Pick Single Part (or whole wing)

  • Pick Off Wing Section Part 

  • Pick Entire Cluster of Parts

  • Return To Main Menu

Right Mouse Button

Middle Mouse Button

Mouse Wheel

Left Click

Ctrl + Left Click

Shift + Left Click


Flight Controls (Default):

  • Flight Stick (Pitch and Roll) 

  • Rudder

  • Throttle

  • Propeller RPM (constant-speed prop limiter)

  • Control Trims

  • Hold Rudder and Elevator Steady

  • Wheel Brakes / Fire Guns

  • Flaps

  • Engines On/Off

  • Lock/Unlock Wheel Castering

  • Toggle Imperial/Metric HUD units

  • Orbit View

  • Offset View Center

  • Zoom View

  • Move View In/Out

  • InFlight Menu

  • Switch Outside/Cockpit Camera

  • Toggle Landing Gears


Q and E Keys

Ctrl and Shift Keys (left)

- and = Keys (between numbers and backspace)

Hold ALT (or Mouse Back Button) and WSAD

Mouse Forward Button

Space Bar (differential brakes apply with rudder)

F and V Keys; (Raise and Lower, respectively)

I Key

T Key (on ground only)


Left or Right Mouse Button or Arrow Keys

Middle Mouse Button

Mouse Wheel

Alt + Mouse Wheel




Key Bindings and Joystick Axes can be configured during flight by pressing Esc and selecting the Control Options Menu. Settings changed there are automatically saved and remain as set for future sessions.

Do I need a joystick?

No, not really. But flying by mouse and keyboard can get a bit out of hand sometimes.

Some form of joystick is very much recommended, and does wonders to improve your flying skills too!

If you own an XBox, you can plug it's controller and Windows will recognize it as an input device straight away. You may then use it in MotorWings with only minimal fussing over control settings.

If instead you own a Playstation, you can still use that controller too. It will only require you to install SCPToolkit (it's free open-source, don't worry) so that it can make it work for you by making Windows treat it like an XBox gamepad, which conveniently has the exact same number of axes and buttons. 

MotorWings will accept any joystick button in place of a keyboard binding in the Controls Settings panel.

Stick axes can be configured in their own specialized menu (use buttons on the panel's left side to get there)

You can access these settings by hitting Esc during flight and selecting "Control Settings" in the popup menu.

Known Issues:

The game sometimes might crash on exiting by ALT+F4. Hasn't happened much recently, but it still might.

Terrain around the airfield glitches out after returning from a long distance.  Causes are mostly unknown, but being looked into. Also, sometimes a second flight starts over water instead of the runway. These may be related issues or perhaps not. Either way, both can be overcome simply by returning to the main menu from the hangar and reloading the plane to fly again. (make sure it's saved, of course)

The key bindings for wheel brakes and gun trigger both default to Spacebar. This can make for awkward times while taxiing, so it's probably a good idea to change that in your control settings. Even if I change the default, your settings will persist over new updates, so this would have to be done on the player's end anyways.

That isn't a bug, but an incomplete feature. Soon it will be possible to select trigger modes during flight.

This is intended to improve control accessibility for users with less than a million keys on their high-end joysticks.

Various sporadic unspecified bugs of various kinds have also been spotted, though most have not been reliably reproduced as of yet and many could be just one-time flukes. (computing isn't always an exact science)


None of these known issues are major, and should not prevent the game from being played even at this very early preview stage. (I wouldn't knowingly  release a build that didn't work at all)

Minimum system specs:

Early Core i5 Processor or better (x64)

4GB or more of RAM

NVidia GTX460 or equivalent GPU (haven't tried it on anything lesser)

A few hundred megs of disc space

Mouse and Keyboard (how are you even online without?!)

Windows 10 Operating System (should work with 7 too, I think. Windows 8 should not be used by anyone.)