Latest Update:

Mk.1 f4-NT

Change log for build Mk.1f4_NT:

  • Fixed various Flight Model bugs, leading to much improved simulation stability;

  • Added Ballast parts for fine-tuning performance of more unusual aircraft designs;

  • Added Modular Tweak Component for improved part authoring capability; (this will be a big deal once we have an SDK)

  • Added various tweakable options for ACS fins and rudders;

  • Fixed issues with tail wheels;

  • Rewrote propeller slipstream model to much superior propwash dynamics;

  • All ACS parts now have adjustable control deflection ranges;

  • Standard Rudder and Stabilizer parts can be tweaked for size and shape; (unfinished, more tweaks for more parts still pending)

  • Ercoy T-101 and Houghleck HW-112a Pyronier type aircraft re-introduced after having been made airworthy once again.

  • Fixed control mapping not initializing until menu opening bug;

  • Fixed bug with non-symmetrical rudder installation;

  • Fixed other stuff I can't recall just now and all this typing means I'm not uploading the new build...

Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1f4_NT.zip

Change log for build Mk.1f3_NT:

  • Added Constant-Speed Propeller Simulation;

  • Added Propeller RPM Controls; (+ and - keys next to backspace by default)

  • Upgraded Engine Sounds with variations for propeller loading, windmilling, ear position around prop and more;

  • Engines now sound appropriately muffled inside cockpit view;

  • Added Customizable Input Options for RPM controls, guns trigger, landing gears and more;

  • Fixed Flight Dynamics bugs, wing loading along spans corrected;

  • Wingtip vortices now affected by lift throughout the entire wing, not just the tip section;

  • Gunsights brightness intensified by 100%;

  • All sounds are now correctly spatialized relative to the active camera;

Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1f3_NT.zip

Change log for build Mk.1f2_NT:

  • Possibly fixed "Curious Cliffs" bug for good by preventing terrain generator shutdown while in hangar;

  • Fixed Aircraft Mangling issue when returning to hangar from flight;

  • Fixed Inverted Camera FOV/Range Inputs With Customizable Controls; 

  • Increased cloud optical density to prevent horizon line showing through weather;

  • Remembered at last to update the version tag on the Main Menu screen;

Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1f2_NT.zip


Change log for build Mk.1f1_NT:

  • Improved performance, removing most of the periodic freeze-ups caused by trees spawning along flight path;

  • Added numerical HUD toggle option (Alt+H by default, or Alt plus any key set to Switch HUD Units);

  • Stabilized unruly drag model; (yet again)

  • Trees disabled for dynamically generated terrain (there's still trees near the home field) until stutters are fixed;

  • Set measures to prevent "That huge cliff wasn't there before" bugs on followup takeoffs after long distances flown;

  • Clouds made puffier, with less intense shading of ceilings beneath overcast areas;

Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1f1_NT.zip

Change log for build Mk.1f:

  • Added Working Suspension and Improved Wheels Rolling Physics;

  • Upgraded Flight Model With Full Airfoil Circulation Flows;

  • Implemented Composite Control Surfaces (Elevons, Ruddervators, Etc.);

  • ACS Tweaks for Wing Sections Now Include Various Compound-Axis Options;

  • Cockpits Now Have Things Inside!

  • New Flight Instruments: Attitude, Airspeed, Altimeter, Variometer, Gyro-Compass & Turn Rate, Turn Slip Ball;

  • Working Reflector Gunsight;

  • Internal Models Added to Rear Cockpit and Canopy Parts;

  • New Parts:  Pusher-Type Wing Mounted Motors, V-Tail Fins, Cockpit Canopy and More!

  • Added Guns!  (Only blanks for now, Real Ammo Coming Soon™);

  • Guns Can Fire:  Press SPACE to pull trigger; (Use of other keys pending)

  • Sounds And Muzzle Flashes Added for Guns;

  • Flying Wings Now Possible With Improved Flight Model;

  • Various Bugs Hunted Down and Brought to Justice;

  • Many Other Little Things Too, Can't Recall Everything Off the Top of My Head.

Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1f.zip 

Change log for build Mk.1e1:

  • Improved overall graphics quality;

  • Implemented "SpeedTree" Vegetation on Scenery;

  • Added More Buildings around Haven Rock and Environs;

  • Landing Gears Can Now be Retracted by Pressing "G" (experimental, no animation yet)

  • Retracted Gears Cause Less Drag;

  • Minor Bug Fixes And General Tweaks Performed.

Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1e1.zip 

Change log for build Mk.1e:

  • Implemented Main Menu;

  • Composed, Arranged and Scored Original Soundtrack "Flight of Fancy" as MotorWings Theme;

  • Added Volumetric Clouds;

  • Added Atmospheric Effects (daytime lighting, scattering and all that);

  • Corrected wingtip vortex falloff curve orientation (no longer backwards);

  • Fine Adjustments to Scenery Generator Settings;

  • Hangar now returns to Main Menu by pressing ESC;

  • Various small tweaks and fixes across the board;

  • Added Credits Popup and Community Forum Shortcut to Main Menu;

Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1e.zip 

Change log for build Mk.1d4:

  • Corrected excessive drag again. Hopefully it stays fixed this time. (I wonder if the last fix was somehow lost in the build)


Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1d4.zip 

Change log for build Mk.1d3:

  • Corrected excessive Induced Drag following latest flight model fixes.


Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1d3.zip 

Change log for build Mk.1d2:

  • Added support for up 8 simultaneous joysticks.

  • Each joystick can map up to 8 axes and 20 buttons.

  • Added Axis Mapping panel to Control Settings Menu.

  • Key bindings will now accept joystick buttons as inputs.

  • Adjusted damage tolerances a bit.

  • Corrected reversed AoA bug in induced drag logic.

  • Adjusted general drag values.

  • Enabled control bindings for differential brakes.

  • General polish and petty bug fixes galore.

Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1d2.zip 

Change log for build Mk.1d1:

  • Re-Introduced Trees to Scenery.

  • Trees may be detrimental to your airplane's overall condition if flown into.

  • Reduced excessive contrast of Haven Rock area ground texturing.

Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1d1.zip 

Change log for build Mk.1d:

  • Updated Map Generator; Performance improvements, better position tracking for detail.

  • Improved Terrain Texturing and Elevation Generators.

  • Added Tweakable System to Parts.

  • Added Part Selection Highlighting and Preview Effects.

  • Added Part Reshaping Capability, aka: AeroMorphing  (a complex, yet very flexible system, meant to be addon-friendly)

  • Wing Sections may now be reshaped via Tweakables Interface when selected.

  • Wing Section shape changes affect their flight characteristics.

  • Wing Sections can now have their control surfaces assigned as Ailerons, Flaps or Disabled.

  • Added Flap Controls. (defaults F: Raise, V: Lower)

  • Drag Model Overhauled, More realistic handling across various airspeeds.

  • Added Crash Camera behavior for much improved crashing experience and explosion appreciation.

  • Crash and Stress Damage (fatigue) tolerances readjusted.

  • Engines May now be turned on and off. (press I key)

  • Wing Sections form into grouped spans, sharing tweakable values across several parts.

  • Span Sections Can be Set to Straight or Break, allowing tweak discontinuities at any selected part.

  • Hold Ctrl while attaching a Wing Section to install it as a separate span group for independent tweaking.

  • Control Surfaces now affect Wing Section Drag according to their angle of deflection. (realistically causes adverse yaw)

  • Open Attachment Points proportionally increase part drag according to each point's drag coverage value.

  • Reworked default controls to a WSAD-and-Mouse friendly configuration

  • Mouse Back thumb button causes main flight controls to operate respective trims.

  • Mouse Forward thumb button prevents main flight controls recentering to trimmed position until released.

  • Made lots of unseen progress on the soon-to-come user addon SDK.

  • Added Ctrl+Z (undo) Functionality to Hangar

  • Added Ctrl+Y (redo) Functionality to Hangar for undoing inadvertent undos

  • Hangar deck (floor) now fades out smoothly as camera crosses underneath.

  • Parts can no longer mode below Hangar Deck while camera is positioned above it.

  • Parts attached to tweakable parts should move in response to aeromorph displacement of their attachment points.

  • Wingtip Vortices and Downwash logic improved.

  • Various other small tweaks and assorted bug fixes.

  • Added Splash Screen Logo and Program Icon.

  • Free undiscovered bugs. (let me know in the forums if you find anything new and weird)

Note:  Saved Aircraft Files from previous versions will cause various issues when loaded on Mk1d.

   It is recommended that these should no longer be used. (couldn't help it, sorry)

Download link:  MotorWings_Mk1d.zip

Change log for build Mk.1c2:

  • Improved Lighting and Distance Rendering. (even more visibility)

  • Reworked Terrain Generator for more interesting mid-scale topography.

  • Added Internal View. (press "C")

  • Reworked default controls to allow both hands on keyboard with full control.

  • Added Control Settings Menu.

  • Implemented Side Control system to double WSAD (by default) as either trim or camera control, hold ALT for trim or press TAB to toggle reverse functionality.

  • Adjusted Crash and Damage Tolerances.

  • Outside Camera stabilized after crashing.

  • All aircraft now have aileron trim.

  • Added Escape Menu during Flight.

Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1c2.zip 

Change log for build Mk.1c:

  • Introduced Deferred Rendering for improved lighting and effects

  • Wingtip vortex shedding angle corrected

  • Scenery view distance increased twofold

  • Added G meter to inflight HUD

  • Implemented version 2.0 terrain engine for much improved performance.

  • Added damage and crash effects.

  • Airplanes can be damaged by structural overstress.

  • View controls remapped a bit.

  • Physics tuned up for better stability and more realistic flight dynamics.

  • Improved ground detail around Haven Rock area.

  • Added new propeller spinning shader for volumetric-like rendering when viewed edge-on

  • Added Explosions.

Download link:   MotorWings_Mk1c.zip 

Change log for build Mk.1b2:

  • Camera follows aircraft heading.

  • Reduced excessive propwash effects, making aircraft less jumpy in response to controls

  • Fix for strangely violent wheel caster shimmy with steering unlocked

  • Added fallback NT build as an alternative for those having too much trouble with terrain-gen induced lag.